Founded in 1993 in Istanbul, Atılım Aluminium, which grows with the power it receives from the customer satisfaction it creates day by day, responds to the requests of its customers with great enthusiasm with its young and dynamic staff. Aiming to have a say in the world market with an understanding that does not compromise on quality, Atılım Aluminium is also signing important projects abroad.

To be a learning and developing organisation by making quality a way of life in our company and affiliated institutions. To become the leader of the aluminium sector by keeping up with the changes and innovations in the sector.

As Atılım Aluminium; To ensure efficiency and productivity in all dealers and sub-dealerships affiliated to our company in line with the moral and legal rules of trade. To contribute to the development of our trade by continuously evaluating the management by providing examination, research, consultancy and training services for the personnel in order to increase the quality and by making the development activities continuous.

By developing mutual trust, respect, love understanding and communication among employees, we will eliminate fears and create a peaceful work environment, we will provide good service by believing that the satisfaction of our customers will be the satisfaction of the future of our employees, we will approach the problems in the fastest and most efficient way with team spirit, disciplined and relevant, based on customer satisfaction and needs, We will adopt the principle of providing quality service that knows no limits in service, is friendly, planned and has the highest standards, we will be behind our promises, we will fulfil our duties with minimum errors, we will be open to innovations and creativity and we will ensure the continuity of the quality assurance system established in our company.